A traditional Auckland Funeral Home for those who still value the funeral experience

Welcome to Expression Funerals

What is a funeral if not a chance at a final, heartfelt expression of your love, friendship and admiration for the departed.

In an age where many Auckland funeral homes are trending away from traditional funerals, Expression Funerals remains focussed on offering a complete and very traditional funeral ceremony. With the guidance of our Funeral Directors, let’s plan out the most fitting farewell, personalised with the attributes that best fit your wishes.

Supporting families Auckland-wide, our funeral home will take you through the funeral process step by step, from beginning to end. We’re experienced, honest and clear. We take time to listen and to answer your questions. Through our high level of personal service, our aim is to eliminate the stress of a funeral. This allows families the chance to reflect and spend those important moments supporting each other and contemplate what the future will feel like.

Staying Connected

Following the journey of your loved one

Why Have A Traditional Funeral?

Funeral rituals are as old as humanity itself, with the fundamental elements remaining constant across cultures. Funeral is just as important as any other life event, Marriage, 21st Birthdays, New Born Celebrations, this is something that we as family and friends can do for our loved one to mark their passing, to have a day where we not only remember but celebrate all that they were and what the meant to us.

We gather to give thanks and be grateful for what they have contributed to our lives and to reflect that they are no longer with us. This is why Expression Funerals is dedicated to continuing the traditions of farewelling loved ones with a very special and unique ceremony.

Funerals are not only meant to serve the departed. They’re important to those left behind – family, friends and the community. All who are connected to the deceased have their own personal memories and thoughts. It’s fitting that everyone gets their chance to express these reflections at a time and place that is supportive.

What Is A Traditional Funeral?

Expression Funerals adheres to very traditional values of Funeral. We follow the journey of your loved one as part of the ceremony. We visit the family home, which allows the feeling that your loved one has passed by a place of significance on their final journey. We provide a follow car so that you are travelling with your loved one, not just ‘meeting them’ for one last time. These simple details have a positive impact on your healing, a feeling that you were there with your loved one for much of their journey.

Within these traditional values, there is room to personalise your experience as you see fit. The Funeral director can lead the procession in and out of the funeral venue – a somewhat forgotten hallmark of a traditional funeral service. You, as the family, can greet the congregation if you wish.

We utilise public churches, chapels, cemeteries and crematoriums. This makes the funeral more personal. Your choice of location may be closer to family, it may be close to home, or it could be a place of significance. We have our own chapel suitable for very small services or larger viewings